When architecture works, it creates the backdrop for our life’s important moments.

With 25 years of experience, Patti is well versed in different architectural styles and topographical challenges. Whether you are building on the coast, near the city with Manhattan views, or in the mountains on bedrock, we have designed there.

Chris, who has moved from New Jersey to Virginia, spearheads our technical expertise and manages the Virginia division of our work. Our ability to provide you with Three-dimensional solutions ensures you and the builder understand every aspect of your project. Chris’s experience with our software produces a document set that clearly shows how we intend to solve your spatial problem.

We realize that our lives are continually changing, requiring physical spaces to be adaptive. From the cradle to the teenage study space; or a great room filled with sports enthusiasts to wine connoisseurs, your physical environment needs us to pay as much attention to the details as you do to your own life.