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Smartly Designed Space is Transforming™

Smartly designed space ensures that the architecture of your project fits you and your life. The right architect makes it easy for you to make confident decisions from the beginning of the design process through to the completion of construction. 

When architecture works, it creates the backdrop for our life’s important moments.

With 25+ years of experience, Patti is well-versed in different architectural styles and topographical challenges. Whether you are building on the coast, near the city with Manhattan views, or in the mountains on bedrock, we have designed there.

Our ability to provide you with cutting-edge three-dimensional solutions ensures a complete understanding of every aspect of your project. Our experience with design and software prowess produces sophisticated solutions and a document set that clearly shows how we intend to craft spaces to enhance the lives of our clients.

We realize all our lives are continually changing, requiring physical spaces to be adaptive without starting over each time we enter a new life stage. From the cradle to the teenage study space; a great room filled with sports enthusiasts or wine connoisseurs, your physical environment needs us to pay as much attention to the details as you do to your own life.

“I would like to thank you along with my family for the wonderful design of our new home on LBI. Everything flows so well. We all had our ideas and changes and you made it all come together.”

- Judy Bacon


"We were very pleased to have Patti work on our home project. She is very professional and her work is outstanding. We are absolutely very satisfied and would recommend her.” - Adam L.

Recognized as one of the Best Residential Architects in the Fair Haven, NJ area.

Resource Modules

To help you understand how to hire and work with an architect, we offer free downloadable Resource Modules. Use them as reference guides, and enjoy the journey!


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Spotlight Details

Simply Classic

The definition of classic when used as an adjective is “ judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.”  The Gambrel Roof line along the shore is just that, classic.  Tricky to frame, yet beautiful when the proportions are correct.  Despite, some non-typical forms on this existing house, we were able to give it the facelift and curb appeal the owners desired.  You really do just need to think outside the box sometimes.

Just Another Typical Day

Great design blends seamlessly with the area and existing architecture. It doesn’t stop at the building, it involves the surroundings and how you live in that space. If your architect isn’t asking you how you live your day to day life, they aren’t asking the right questions.

Story Telling

Every client has a story behind how they want to live.  Maybe it comes from their childhood, maybe it is because they "made it".  Whatever the reason, we look to bring their story, not ours, into the world. Once Upon a Time,...