PLM Architecture & Design started in 2005 as a dream.  Previously employed in Hackensack, NJ the 2+ hours of commuting time lent itself to daydreaming about what ifs?  What if I had a practice of my own, how would it be different, how would it be similar?  What if I had 4 more hours in my day, how would I use that time?  Imagine if I were able to bring all the newer construction technologies that I’ve learned about in the commercial world into the residential world.  What would a practice look like run by a woman?

In January of 2006, PLM  took that step forward and opened its doors.  A graduate from Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture + Design, I still to this day lean on the educational foundation I gained from my studies at Virginia Tech.  In a world that is ever changing, our profession must keep up with trends in design as well as construction.  I believe we do an excellent job by being versed in the current codes, having utilized new materials such as Structural Insulated Panels, (SIPs), faux rubber slate shingles, and cultured stone, as well as traditional materials such as pre-dipped cedar shakes.

Being a woman owned firm, we offer a different approach.  That approach isn’t necessarily better; however, it is unique.  Every space is part of larger whole, and the way you interact with your space whether it be your home, your office, a restaurant you frequent, is an intimate experience.  It is uniquely yours.  We strive to listen well, to hear what is also unspoken, in order to design a space that meets your needs, is functional as well as beautiful.  Our philosophy is simple, bigger isn’t always better.  Start with a box, then EXPLODE IT! You’ll be surprised with what you’ll end up with sometimes.